• Multi Agency Instructor Development

    ... cannot rate the total experience highly enough. I have spent many years studying and training and without doubt Richard's teaching is up there with the very best.

  • Advance Your Skills

    ... high quality teaching with lots of background information, very good training and intense work.

  • Instructor Development Centre

    ... knowledge is cutting edge and his team go above and beyond in their teaching methods, [...] way above the standards in what information they share with you, how they train you and help you to progress while still making it fun.

  • Extend Your Scuba Diving

    ... high-quality teaching, perfectly balanced between theory and practice.

  • Instructor Development Beyond Labels

    No matter your level We Freedive can, and will, help you to become a better diver; from absolute beginner all the way to professional instructor.

  • personalised coaching

    ... professional, supportive, encouraging, approachable and engaging throughout.

Celebrating Quality Freediving Education

in 2008, we picked the name We Freedive  to define and deliver Quality Freediving Education. In these years we have created communities, defined the standards of agencies around the world and continued to bring freediving forward.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, courtesy of TED.com

As part of the TED series, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on the flow state that is so essential not only for successful freediving, but any form of training and goal setting.

Clinton Laurence applied Csikszentmihalyi's work in his presentation on Mindfulness in Freediving that finalised his Instructor Course with us and Csikszentmihalyi deserves another slot in our resources for the insights he can give us on how we can set productive goals in our freediving training that allow us to proceed with a positive attitude and make our training not only safe, but also successful.

This understanding of flow, challenges and happiness is a vital part of our advanced and master level courses, as well as of course our Freediving Instructor Development

So much of what we learn in freediving is applicable in rest-of-life and here is one of those moments where we can apply life lessons from other fields to our sport, our learning and our profession.