The No-Touching Rule Makes Complete Sense

The AIDA International rules and regulations for competitions rule that an athlete is disqualified if they are touched after surfacing and before the judges have shown their card.

In a competition, we want to see that the athlete performs the dive on their own, we want to see that they are physically capable of ending a dive safely without intervention. Theoretically,

Gary McGrath training in the pool

Our friend Gary McGrath went through his AIDA Instructor training with us and his final presentation was about 

Shallow Water Conditioning for Depth and Diaphragm Conditioning for Freedivers

It's a lovely read looking at preparation for the pressure and general big-hug-from-the-sea feeling we are exposed to at depth - and that preparation without having access to said depth. This preparation will make a big difference towards staying far away from sqeezes (ear, sinus, trachea or lung barotrauma) and enjoying your limited time at depth just that much more.

This one is for all of you pool freedivers in cold-water and landlocked exile with some excellent suggestions.

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