Dominik Schwarz

Dominik Schwarz is probably our biggest instructor so far; Look for 2 metres of AIDA Instructor, city hopping around Germany.

Dominik's final presentation for his AIDA Instructor course with us was on the topic of using classical conditioning as illustrated by the famous experiment with Pavlov's dog in freediving. These insights allow us to design our training to be far more efficient and begin to gain conscious control even over our dive response. 

Yoshua Surjo, AIDA and Apnea International Instructor

Yoshua Surjo is a Event Management and Communications professional from Jakarta. During his Instructor Course with us, his final presentation gave us a guide on how we can communicate our passion to the public in a structured way.
Yoshua's article is kept abstract enough to be applied anywhere in the world and will help the people around us to understand us a little better.

The No-Touching Rule Makes Complete Sense

The AIDA International rules and regulations for competitions rule that an athlete is disqualified if they are touched after surfacing and before the judges have shown their card.

In a competition, we want to see that the athlete performs the dive on their own, we want to see that they are physically capable of ending a dive safely without intervention. Theoretically,

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