round movements in duckdives

The Freediving Ninja Duckdive

An efficient duckdive is one of the most undervalued skills in freediving. It makes such a difference to gracefully and stealthily disappear from the surface.

We shot these demos of The Ninja Duckdive, as demonstrated by its creator Sensei Sarah Whitcher in the rooftop pool above We Freedive HQ. Sarah is wearing a 1.5mm full-body wetsuit, no weights and is very buoyant, as you will notice in her returns to the surface.

NOTE: This makes an excellent video for teaching. I just tried. A one-minute demo that says more than words can describe. - You're welcome. :-)

A Ninja Duckdive Needs No Weights

Sarah shows that even when very buoyant, you can still duck dive with minimal effort, minimal resistance and minimal disturbance, to the benefit of recreational freedivers and photographers as much as competitive freedivers.  - Not to mention that as an instructor, this will be one of your everyday skills to demonstrate.

All these duckdives are played in real time; this is not slow motion.

To polish your Ninja Freediving skills, we run courses throughout the year (including the Secret Ninja Freediver™ course). Check out for course scheduling.