Walter Johnson, Static Freediving Competition Expert

Practice Makes Consistent - 10'000 Hours Make More Consistent

After Identifying the fact that practice doesn't necessarily make perfect, but Practice only makes Consistent, we can now zoom in to look at this in a little more detail.

Another fantastic article by Maria Popova on takes a closer look at the idea that 10'000 Hours of practice make one an expert in anything.

Discerning not by the quantity of time spent practising, but instead by the quality of the time spent, we find that (yet again) quantification can be very misleading. If we want to judge our practice, our training, even our competition dives. we need to pay attention to the things that cannot be counted. 

The term autopilot that is used in Maria's introduction, referencing the OK-plateau, conveys the concept rather well.

Read more on why it's not the number of hours that count: Maria Popova and Daniel Goleman on the Myth of the 10'000 Hours

Brainpickings again - They are just awesome.