Apnea International

Apnea International

With the development of professional freediving and the increased need to provide students as well as Instructors with an agile, current and modern teaching infrastructure, we joined forces with Australia-based Apnea International as their SE-Asian Instructor training facility.

From the Apnea International Website:

We believe being a Freediver is not all about diving deep, swimming far or holding our breath for a very long time. Spending a few seconds in the presence of a whale, playing with a dolphin, flying like a manta Ray or sharing space with sharks – all while holding our breath is all that it really takes.

Freediving is a way of life, a way to explore our inner self and to achieve things we wouldn't have thought possible.

It’s about fun, about swimming with marine creatures and about spending quality time underwater without the need for any gear other than a mask, snorkel and a pair of fins. Freediving is not all about competition or pushing limits. Apnea International places a strong emphasis on safety in all of its courses. Our goal is to educate our students to enjoy Freediving, Live a healthy lifestyle and most importantly- love and respect the ocean.

We see Apnea International as a promising partner to develop a global, professional agency that - while supporting its instructors in aspects related to both education and business - consequently maintains high standards of education without cutting corners to increase profits.