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We Freedive Instructor Internship - PADI, AIDA, Apnea International

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The Two Month Long Freediving Instructor Course!

Course Goals

Azam Hamid and Simon Elvmarker, AIDA InstructorsIn order to become a freediving instructor, you want to be a very competent freediver with an in-depth knowledge of all relevant topics, so you will be able to explain and demonstrate to a potential student everything they need to know to become safe freedivers and reach their personal goals in the water.

One of your challenges will be to create a safe and trusted learning environment for your students which will allow you to guide them towards their achievements.

The We Freedive instructor course is not primarily about your own diving - which turns into an important tool - but about expanding your understanding of freediving and of education in order to develop your students' knowledge, understanding and performance in the water.

Formally, this means that you need to have passed through a sequence of courses from beginner to advanced and expert-level and you have developed your own freediving skills and understanding to a very advanced level, which will be a necessary tool to be applied during your instructor training.

Your time in our instructor course will be taken up by

  • This was an actual teaching situationfine-tuning your own diving to be an outstanding example to your students
  • assisting in all our courses, to get a backstage view into the every-day issues of teaching freediving
  • insights into pool-, classroom- and open water- teaching and -training environments
  • preparation, feedback sessions and de-briefing with one of our instructors every working day
  • in-depth analysis of teaching paradigms and -methods
  • a host of experiences, tips and tricks
  • preparation for your own teaching experience
  • teaching practise with our instructors in a restricted environment
  • teaching practise with real students
  • preparing your special presentation, particularly the handout
  • Instructor assessments and exams
  • Final Presentation

Course Duration

The We Freedive Instructor Internship is two months in duration, unless arranged otherwise. ( e.g. during internships)

Your instructors

In our instructor courses we want to pass on to you all the important things we have learned in our various instructor courses and all the content we wished had been covered in them.

In order to give you the best training available, you will be training with our Instructor Trainers Richard Wonka (PADI, AIDA, Apnea International) and Sarah Whitcher (PADI, Apnea International), with their years of experience and their expertise in highly complementary fields from the life sciences, professional athletic coaching, training physiology and Watsu to sports psychology and sports management. 

You will not only learn the required basics of freediving education, but also get an insight into the technical aspects of the pool disciplines, such as specific monofin training and DNF / CNF training as well as the technical aspects of running a freediving centre, liaising with agencies and suppliers, scheduling and more, all based on the experience from the years of running We Freedive in multiple countries, settings and working environments - from a bicycle-based mobile school to an internationally active Freediving Instructor Training Facility in Southeast Asia.

Instructor Presentation

Instructor presentation handout by Matthias ZauggOnce you have signed up, you will be assigned a topic for your presentation for which you have at least 30 days to read, research, write and prepare a written document to accompany it. We highly encourage you to sign up early, as this assignment tends to be more work than anticipated and you will be proud to publish the outcome if you put it enough productive time into it.

Once your topic has been assigned, we will be available to help you with your progress with sources, proof reading and some tips and tricks for your writing.The crown of every Instructor course is the candidate's presentation on a freediving related topic.

Before choosing the topic, we want to get to know you, your interests and fields of expertise in order to select a topic that allows you to apply your individual skills and expertise to freediving and that way add more information, knowledge and experience to the world of freediving.

We aim to help you create a document that will put your name firmly onto the map of freediving. Selected presentations and papers will also be published in the We Freedive Resources, where it will be accessible to freedivers and educators all over the world.


In order to act as a freediving instructor in your course, you are required to have your own, complete set of equipment

  • Low volume mask
  • Freediving fins
  • Freediving wet suit
  • Flexible weight belt and/or neck weight
  • Freediving nose clip
  • Freediving computer
  • Freediving lanyard

If you want to get your own set of equipment, you can do so with us; we will be happy to help you choose the setup that works best for you. If you already know what you want, let us know what you need and have it waiting for you when you arrive!


Participation in this course requires a high level of freediving skills and education. An advance certification is necessary. To achieve this certification, see our expert-level courses.

Also, this course requires recent first aid certification (no older than two years). First aid is one of the most rewarding training programmes one can get. To get your first certification or a refresher, see our 1st Aid courses


Upon reaching certification requirements, you will be a fully certified PADI Freediver Instructor, AIDA International Instructor and/or Apnea International Instructor as arranged before the course.

For more information on certifications and organsations, see our article about certifications here

Related Training

To make sure you have time to work on your teaching instead of having to brush up on your freediving, you may want to get some training in before the course. Things like a stamina test, deep rescue and a 40 metre CWT dive should sound perfectly doable for you before your course, so you will want to train - in the open water and in the pool - before enrolling in this course.

Useful training before or after this course will be

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