DivemasterDive Master Insurance are our trusted partner for all things that need insuring.

From a simple but comprehensive trip and travel insurance for your year's leave all the way to a life's journey of traveling as a diving professional - Dive Master provide the coverage that you need for yourself, your equipment and your students against all possible mishaps in all forms of diving; with and without tanks.

PADI Freediver

As was to be expected, PADI have introduced a Freediving Programme to support the Education the instructor provides with the proven business model that PADI has a long-standing record of providing in the SCUBA industry.

It is worth noting that PADI's programme has been developed independently, and if you have been training with us, you will recognise some of the contents. We are a little proud to say that we have played a part in forming this through our own feedback as well as that of our students.

Apnea Academy

Apnea Academy: School for the instruction and research of freediving.

AA was founded by Umberto Pellizzari in Italy. The Apnea Academy's international branch has brought instructors all over the world who offer Apnea Academy courses and stages (AKA clinics).

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