These articles from our blog show some excellent examples of Instructor Course presentations and additional information about your Freediving Instructor Course.

  • Kevin Mitchell is an experienced educator and has been teaching English in Korea for many years. This has allowed him insights into teaching second language students which add to his experience as a freediver and freediving instructor.

    Find here his Instructor Thesis on Body Language in Freediving Education. A prime read, especially for those who teach in multi-language environments.

  • Handling 30 metres of freediving line requires some care to make sure one does not end up spending 20 minutes untangling before each dive session. The double daisy chain (AKA double braid) solves this problem even for 200 metres of line extremely reliably and without hitches (pun intended :) )

  • For his Instructor Course Presentation here at We Freedive, Patrick Swartenbroekx used freediving as the crystallisation core when he imagined a fully sustainable community. 

    In his inspiring talk, he connects the dots between resource management, personal health and socio-economic structure. Find the video of his talk and his presentation paper here.

  • Ear Inflammation and infection are among the most annoying reasons not to go freediving and an Instructor Course should be useful and help other freedivers with their diving. Enter Nóra Galgóczy, who in her training towards being an outstanding AIDA and PADI Freediving Instructor became an expert in all things that are ears.

    In a revision of her presentation paper, Nóra Galgóczy gives us the low-down on how to keep our ears healthy and what to do if they are not.

  • Guillaume Chiéze - more commonly known as Will-with-the-bright-smile - AIDA, PADI and Apnea International Freediving Instructor, has practical experience in Coral Reef research and restauration and has put this into a very informative talk on the benefits and drawbacks of freediving and SCUBA diving in those projects.

  • Dominik Schwarz is probably our biggest instructor so far; Look for 2 metres of AIDA Instructor, city hopping around Germany.

    Dominik's final presentation for his AIDA Instructor course with us was on the topic of using classical conditioning as illustrated by the famous experiment with Pavlov's dog in freediving. These insights allow us to design our training to be far more efficient and begin to gain conscious control even over our dive response. 

  • Yoshua Surjo is a Event Management and Communications professional from Jakarta. During his Instructor Course with us, his final presentation gave us a guide on how we can communicate our passion to the public in a structured way.
    Yoshua's article is kept abstract enough to be applied anywhere in the world and will help the people around us to understand us a little better.

  • During his Instructor Course with us, psychologist and hypnotherapist Jan Bareš gave a presentation on the wonderfully intriguing topic of Time Distortion in Static Apnea. A great read that gives some background as well directly applicable tips to improve our Static Apnea Training.

  • Rachel 'Cat' Wang is an inspirational freediver, based in Beijing, China who came to train with us in order to become a Freediving instructor.

    As part of her AIDA Instructor Course, she gave a presentation on the impact of the Chinese Culture of sports and education on learning - and teaching - how to freedive.

  • Richard Marsh took part in a recent instructor course with We Freedive in Phuket, where the topic for his final presentation was his experience of spending some time and freediving with the Koh Surin Moken, a tribe of freediving nomads who have spent their lives on and in the water for generations.

  • We all think of streamlining when swimming under water, and we know it makes a big difference to train for a good streamline. Now we have been wondering how much of a difference it actually makes - can we put numbers to this?

    Enter Simon Elvmarker on his AIDA instructor course with us. Simon happens to have a background which allowed him to run the numbers on this and deliver a qualitative analysis of fluid dynamics in freediving.

    As a bonus, he also looked at the fluid dynamics of shark skin and the (in-)famous swimming suits that carry that name. 

    We were surprised by the results. - Read his paper attached below.

  • Oli Christen, AIDA Instructor, is the  founder of the freediving school Freedive Flow in Bali, Indonesia and has been a valuable member of the AIDA Education work group.

    During his AIDA Instructor Course with We Freedive Thailand,  Oli applied his background in psychology to his new career and gave a brilliant presentation on Action vs. State Orientation in Freediving, a topic that very likely all freedivers have experienced who have gone to a new depth. 

    Read his paper attached below!

  • To finish off his successful AIDA Freediving Instructor course with us, Azam gave a presentation on how the aerobic and anaerobic parts of his (extensive) Marathon training helped him become a better freediver.

    A lot of good ideas and insights in this paper. Thank you Azam, for yet another very good read.

  • Our friend Gary McGrath went through his AIDA Instructor training with us and his final presentation was about 

    Shallow Water Conditioning for Depth and Diaphragm Conditioning for Freedivers

    It's a lovely read looking at preparation for the pressure and general big-hug-from-the-sea feeling we are exposed to at depth - and that preparation without having access to said depth. This preparation will make a big difference towards staying far away from sqeezes (ear, sinus, trachea or lung barotrauma) and enjoying your limited time at depth just that much more.

    This one is for all of you pool freedivers in cold-water and landlocked exile with some excellent suggestions.

  • Clinton Laurence, psychologist and multiple black belt, came to us for his Freediving Instructor Course.

    The intense exchange with an accomplished athlete - who not only has some very good insights into the human mind, but is also a generally great guy - was rewarding and fun at the same time and we are happy to have trained with Clinton.

    As his Instructor Course presentation, Clinton gave an excellent talk on Mindfulness in Freediving.

  • Matthias Zaugg has released the paper to the presentation given during his AIDA Instructor Course with us:

    Hypnosis and Deep Relaxation in Static Apnea.

    A great read that puts together a few pieces in the big puzzle of established practices, scientific research good ideas and practical ideas.