We Freedive Introduced the term "Freediving Education" in 2008, when formal freediving was mainly defined by rigidly-structured "courses", as defined by the certifying agencies.

We Freedive is about more than just certifications. We deliver Quality Freediving Education at a personal level, going away from teaching courses to teaching people.

Here is a collection of articles on education and its related fields of psychology, communication and philosophy.

  • Matthias Zaugg - Hypnosis and Deep Relaxation in Static Apnea

    Matthias Zaugg has released the paper to the presentation given during his AIDA Instructor Course with us:

    Hypnosis and Deep Relaxation in Static Apnea.

    A great read that puts together a few pieces in the big puzzle of established practices, scientific research good ideas and practical ideas.

  • Simon Elvmarker - Hydrodynamics in Freediving

    We all think of streamlining when swimming under water, and we know it makes a big difference to train for a good streamline. Now we have been wondering how much of a difference it actually makes - can we put numbers to this?

    Enter Simon Elvmarker on his AIDA instructor course with us. Simon happens to have a background which allowed him to run the numbers on this and deliver a qualitative analysis of fluid dynamics in freediving.

    As a bonus, he also looked at the fluid dynamics of shark skin and the (in-)famous swimming suits that carry that name. 

    We were surprised by the results. - Read his paper attached below.

  • Who we Are

    We Freedive - Quality Freediving Education since 2008

    ... It is what we do, and it is what we will be doing with no end in sight.

    We chose the name We Freedive because it describes just that and it is a statement that all freedivers will understand as more than just describing an action. Freediving is a sport, a mindset and an approach to rest-of-life.

    In 2008, when there were only Freediving Courses, We realised that we didn't want to teach courses,but Students and introduced the term Quality Freediving Education as a clear sign that our goal was not mere certification of as many students as possible, but that We Freedive exists for the learning, understanding and skill development of our students.

  • What do You Learn in a Beginners' Freediving Course?

    When experienced snorkellers and experienced scuba divers hear about freediving courses, they often ask us:

    "Freediving is just snorkelling. What could I possibly learn in a course?"

    Anyone who has been in one of our courses will have a somewhat better idea of just how much there is to learn.

  • The PADI Freediver Programme

    As was to be expected, PADI have introduced a Freediving Programme to support the Education the instructor provides with the proven business model that PADI has a long-standing record of providing in the SCUBA industry.

    It is worth noting that PADI's programme has been developed independently, and if you have been training with us, you will recognise some of the contents. We are a little proud to say that we have played a part in forming this through our own feedback as well as that of our students.

  • Practice Makes Consistent - 10'000 Hours Make More Consistent

    After Identifying the fact that practice doesn't necessarily make perfect, but Practice only makes Consistent, we can now zoom in to look at this in a little more detail.

  • Hyperventilation - A (useful) Definition

    The internet of freediving is full of discussions on hyperventilation. For some time, the biggest question out there was: Should you or should you not hyperventilate before dives? By now, freedivers and agencies agree in stating that hyperventilation before freediving is counter-productive and dangerous, so at least there is a consensus of the majority.

    But Wait.. There's a Flaw!

  • Why Would you Want To Keep A Freediving Teaching Log?

    We have all heard of diving log books and in freediving, a training log book is an extremely useful tool. It only makes sense to apply this understanding to an instructor's most important education - the education they receive as they are teaching their students.

  • What does it take to become a Freediving Instructor?

    With freediving instructor development being our signature courses, we frequently receive inquiries along the lines of

    I [ recently took a freediving course / saw a video on youtube / am a scuba diving instructor /... ] and would like to become a freediving instructor. How long will it take and how much will it be? And can I do it mid-July?

  • Nóra Galgóczy - Outer Ear Inflammation and Infecton in Freediving

    Ear Inflammation and infection are among the most annoying reasons not to go freediving and an Instructor Course should be useful and help other freedivers with their diving. Enter Nóra Galgóczy, who in her training towards being an outstanding AIDA and PADI Freediving Instructor became an expert in all things that are ears.

    In a revision of her presentation paper, Nóra Galgóczy gives us the low-down on how to keep our ears healthy and what to do if they are not.


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