The We Freedive Beginner Courses

Your Comprehensive Start into Freediving and Quality Freediving Education

Course Goals

Our challenging beginners courses are appropriate for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced freedivers with no prior (or no recognised) certification. The formal training is designed to establish and verify theoretical understanding, effective safety procedures and in-water efficiency, while the additional training sessions allow you to fine-tuning and hone your skills at your level.

The courses are designed to cover not only the basics of freediving, but also go in some depth into the science and understanding of the sport of freediving. The We Freedive Beginner Courses are an excellent primer for those who want to go on into more advanced freediving as well as a solid foundation for recreational freedivers, making their dives safer and more relaxed and enjoyable.

Course Contents

Dry Training, Knowledge and Understanding 

  • Understanding freediving disciplines and required skills
  • Understanding breathing techniques and their effects for comfortable and safe diving
  • Physiology of breathing (and not-breathing)
  • Safety
  • Depth and Pressure (with a focus on effective equalisation)
  • Equipment for freediving
  • Different Water environments
  • Safe practices at sea

Application of Understanding: Pool Training

  • Static Apnea and relaxation in the water
  • Dynamic Apnea with efficient finning technique and streamline
  • Buddying and safety
  • Image- or Video Analysis of dives for visual feedback on technique and form, where applicable
  • Safety and Rescue exercises

Application of Understanding: Open Water Training

  • Equalisation
  • Free Immersion diving
  • Streamlining and turns
  • Duck dives
  • Directional control
  • Constant Weight diving
  • Rescue practise

Example Schedule

Day 1

On the first day we meet at 09:00 at We Freedive HQ (navigate) where we start by getting any left paperwork out of the way and go on with the classroom and pool training. We usually have lunch together at a restaurant around the corner and then continue with theory and pool training until approximately 17:00-18:00, depending on progress during the day.

Day 2

Day two is the first open water day. We usually meet at 10:00 at the small longtail-pier (navigate to the pier) in Chalong and leave with a traditional longtail boat to the open water training site, which is about a 30-40 minute ride. We have two sessions with a break for water and a snack and return around 14:00.

Day 3

The last day of this course begins with schedule much like the open water training on day two. After a break, we meet at We Freedive HQ to finish any paperwork or exams, where necessary. 

We are usually finished by 17:00 on day 3 of the course

Please note that we do our best to accommodate your schedule, so times may differ for individual instances of these courses. Please verify the times with your instructor.


In order to enrol in this course, you need to be able to swim at least 200 metres non-stop (any style). Swimming is a basic requirement for any and all in-water activities. It is a simple skill that can guarantee your safety in any body of water, be it a pool or the open seas.

If your swimming is not that polished, never worry! We offer swim training for absolute beginners.

Materials and Certification

Our Beginner Courses include the materials, which will be made accessible upon confirmation of your booking. This beginner freediving course is a fully certified foundation course. Certifications are available from PADI, AIDA International, Apnea International or the Apnea Academy.

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