• Multi Agency Instructor Development

    ... cannot rate the total experience highly enough. I have spent many years studying and training and without doubt Richard's teaching is up there with the very best.

  • Advance Your Skills

    ... high quality teaching with lots of background information, very good training and intense work.

  • Instructor Development Centre

    ... knowledge is cutting edge and his team go above and beyond in their teaching methods, [...] way above the standards in what information they share with you, how they train you and help you to progress while still making it fun.

  • Extend Your Scuba Diving

    ... high-quality teaching, perfectly balanced between theory and practice.

  • Instructor Development Beyond Labels

    No matter your level We Freedive can, and will, help you to become a better diver; from absolute beginner all the way to professional instructor.

  • personalised coaching

    ... professional, supportive, encouraging, approachable and engaging throughout.

Celebrating Quality Freediving Education

in 2008, we picked the name We Freedive  to define and deliver Quality Freediving Education. In these years we have created communities, defined the standards of agencies around the world and continued to bring freediving forward.

PADI Freediver

As was to be expected, PADI have introduced a Freediving Programme to support the Education the instructor provides with the proven business model that PADI has a long-standing record of providing in the SCUBA industry.

It is worth noting that PADI's programme has been developed independently, and if you have been training with us, you will recognise some of the contents. We are a little proud to say that we have played a part in forming this through our own feedback as well as that of our students.


The PADI Freediver program is complete with student materials and instructional tools that follow the PADI educational philosophy, which makes it easy for qualified PADI Professionals to quickly start teaching.

The PADI Freediver tiered course structure has participants build upon their skill sets and knowledge as they advance from PADI Freediver to PADI Advanced Freediver and, ultimately, PADI Master Freediver. The program provides three corresponding instructor levels (Freediver Instructor, Advanced Freediver Instructor and Master Freediver Instructor), as well as a Freediver Instructor Trainer rating. There is also a subset program called Basic Freediver where students earn a certification in confined water.

PADI FreediverSarah Whitcher and Richard Wonka are be the first PADI Instructor trainers in South-East Asia and were present at the launch events in Phuket and Koh Tao, running the first cross-over programmes that PADI Asia Pacific conducted. 

We are looking forward to training with you,


Sarah Whitcher and Richard Wonka

PADI Instructor Trainers