• Multi Agency Instructor Development

    ... cannot rate the total experience highly enough. I have spent many years studying and training and without doubt Richard's teaching is up there with the very best.

  • Advance Your Skills

    ... high quality teaching with lots of background information, very good training and intense work.

  • Instructor Development Centre

    ... knowledge is cutting edge and his team go above and beyond in their teaching methods, [...] way above the standards in what information they share with you, how they train you and help you to progress while still making it fun.

  • Extend Your Scuba Diving

    ... high-quality teaching, perfectly balanced between theory and practice.

  • Instructor Development Beyond Labels

    No matter your level We Freedive can, and will, help you to become a better diver; from absolute beginner all the way to professional instructor.

  • personalised coaching

    ... professional, supportive, encouraging, approachable and engaging throughout.

Celebrating a Decade of Quality Freediving Education

in 2008, we picked the name We Freedive for our endeavour to deliver and develop quality in freediving education. And you get to harvest the benefit.

10 Years of We Freedive means 10% off for you! check out the booking forms in our course calendar to select the 10 Years We Freedive special price on select courses and training throughout the year!


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