We Freedive

Quality Over Quantity

With the recent development of freediving as an activity for the masses, we place an emphasis on the quality of your education over the ease of certification. Our groups are small - we very commonly have groups of no more than four students per instructor - and we put in the extra effort, spend that extra hour to make sure you get as much from our course as you can.

Your Level Defines Your Training

book hereWe understand that you can only progress from where you are and training is most effective when we adapt it to your level.

We offer quality freediving courses for

Aside from the structured courses, our students also come for speciality training for monofins, no-fins training in pool and open water, competitive freediving, as well as customised training for surfers, helicopter-exit training, spearfishing or even mermaids*.

Instructor Training

Our Freediving Instructor training meets and exceeds the standards required by the PADI Freediver Programme, AIDA International as well as those of Apnea International.

We believe that a Freediving Instructor carries a responsibility for not only the quality of their courses, but also for the safety of their students. We have been certified as instructors by many agencies and we have found useful things in all of them. Our instructor courses are geared to give you not only the bare minimum of whatever is required by the certifying agency.

We aim to pass on our experience of years of teaching. Along with the required contents, our courses are filled with real-life experiences that will enrich your teaching, broaden your skill set and give your students that much more to learn from.

Our instructor courses are open for highly motivated freedivers who want to put their name under quality freediving education, not only providing you with the wide knowledge base needed for providing well-founded and well-rounded education, but also adding real-life experience and tips and tricks that can only come from years and years of professional freediving

If you pass our instructor course, you are an instructor indeed. We wouldn't put our name on your card otherwise. -- See our instructor courses for more information on making freediving your career and joining the family of highly qualified Freediving Instructors.

* Yes, mermaids come to us to learn how to dive - that's how good we are. ;-)